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A conversation with Alan Rector about PEN&PAD, recorded in 4 parts, October 21, 2021

Alan Rector, a central researcher in the PEN&PAD approach to electronic health records, in a conversation with Erik Sundvall and Daniel Karlsson

  1. Intro & Demo of PEN&PAD - Now available at
    • Who is Alan Rector and how did he get involved in this?
    • What was PEN&PAD? (Including live demo of the PEN & PAD-based Clinergy user interface)
    • Where did it lead?
  2. The User Centered Design Process, Human Factors, Problem & Solution Space - Being edited…
  3. Technical details, terminology systems, ontologies and logic - Waiting to be edited…
  4. Lessons learned – how we’d do it today + some advice to those entering the health infomatics space - Waiting to be edited…

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